Updated: Nov 23, 2020

With the growth of the multi academy trust, procurement in schools is coming to the fore.

Cross-site energy, broadband, catering, site management contracts all being arranged to save schools money.

But what about the tens of thousands of pounds which schools spend on classroom equipment? Can you procure that? Or are schools stuck buying from catalogues at RRP.

At DPS, we invited suppliers to tender (using a compliant public sector procurement process) for access to our Buying Panel. 

To be successful, suppliers had to demonstrate that they are a robust, secure and ethical supplier and that they had commercial terms - much better than RRP – that they could offer to schools.

This is a new idea for the education industry.

By agreeing to put the majority of a schools spend in any particular area through a single supplier in order to achieve better prices.

Suppliers need your business, and they are willing to compete for it. But they need to know what opportunities are out there.

That’s where DPS comes in. 

By finding suppliers who are willing to offer fantastic commercial terms and matching those suppliers to schools who are conscious of their ability to either reduce their spend, or make the absolute most of what they are spending.

The question is; can schools afford not to?

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