about daly procurement services

Managing Director Chris Daly has spent over fifteen years working in schools and academies throughout the South of England; ten of these years  as a middle or senior leader with responsibility for budget management and value procurement.

Throughout this time, the impact that inadequate funding had, and continues to have, on delivering of a world class education became increasingly apparent. Budgets tightened, whilst prices increased, meaning that the range of equipment affordable to schools reduced, or the quality of the equipment suffered, resulting in regular repairs, and an increasing total cost of ownership.

Chris has focused his efforts on finding suppliers within the market who are willing to recognise these issues, and to find a commercial centre ground which allows departments to buy either more or better quality equipment at favourable commercial terms by developing longer term strategic partnerships

The opportunities for these relationships to deliver greater value for schools across the country is incalculable.


In conversation with the private sector, it became clear that securing longer term relationships was crucial to achieve Real Value for Money. The education sector and suppliers needed a new relationship. DPS is that new relationship.


By working with schools and suppliers, DPS is in a position negotiation more competitive prices for purchases and deliver the value schools deserve.


You may wish to reduce your spending or make your spending go further. With DPS, the choice is yours.


DPS’ sole aim is to support schools in achieving the best value possible for the items that they purchase. 


Where budgets are limited, the temptation can often be to go for the cheapest option at the point of purchase. This is often offset against the total cost of ownership of the item, or the quality of the item.


By supporting schools to achieve better value for what they buy, schools have the ability to increase the quality of what they buy, increase the quantities they buy, and reduce the overall cost of ownership.


Through our rigorous compliant tender process we can guarantee that the suppliers appointed to our panel offer quality products and services, as well as great value.